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Thank you for considering helping us with our new business.

Soon we will be launching our first product to sell on

What does that have to do with you? Read below...


Amazon is a search engine, the higher a product ranks, the higher it will appear in the search results . Since Amazon is very customer-oriented, it puts a stress on customers reviews. When starting off, brand new products have zero reviews and therefore will have a low rank. This is where we need your help.

The process is:

  1. Sign up in the form (previous page).
  2. Once the product is available for sale on Amazon, we will notify you with a link.
  3. Get the product (if you have prime, you can get it fast for free shipping).
  4. Enjoy using it.
  5. Post a review on amazon, and help us rank higher.
  6. Once we have the first few reviews from friends and family, we will start ranking higher and the product will start appearing in a better spot.

Important: Amazon prohibits sellers to require reviews from customers in return for products. So leaving a review is optional, yet extremely helpful for us. This page, therefore, is dedicated for friends and family only. Please do NOT share it.

The product

We are building a travel gear brand called meerkat. meerkat will start with a simple, cheap and small product called the meerkat backpacking blanket. Basically it is a multi-purpose mat/tarp that backpackers, travelers and campers can use in a variety of ways. The full description with images and detailed specification will be available in the Amazon listing.

Your Involvement

Amazon is smart. In fact, it is so smart that it can recognize "friends and family" who are buying the product to support. As long as the product is bought for full price (Verified Purchase) however, it is not against the rules.

You have 4 options to help us:

  1. Buy the product for launching price when we notify you by email. The full price of the product will be around $25. But for the first 5 days, it will go for about $20 (Launching price).
  2. Buy the product for a discount. We can generate a coupon for any amount of discount. This option still helps us a lot since Amazon will see that people are buying the product and hence rank us higher. However, it can also recognize that the product was bought for a coupon, which has less impact on ranking.
  3. Get the product for free. That's also an option. You will still buy the product on Amazon for launching price and pay for it yourself, and we will refund you through a third party channel (Paypal, cash, etc...).
  4. Don't buy the product. If you're not interested in buying the product that's fine. You can still help us by merely Signing Up and telling your friends about meerkat. 

Regardless of what option you choose, we are deeply grateful. As a beginning online store, anything you do to support us is highly appreciated. 

Note: If you live outside of the US or Canada and you still want to help, buy the product and have it delivered to an address in the US. Otherwise, you currently cannot get the product at this stage. Sorry.

Your Review

If you decide to post a review, it will be very valuable to us. Here are some general guidance in case you decide to do so:

  1. Your review should not be too short (5-6 sentences is fine).
  2. Describe your motivation for using the product, your experience, and how you found the product helpful.
  3. Do NOT mention any personal relationship to meerkat.
  4. 5-stars will be great!
  5. Your review should be honest. Say what you think about the product itself.
  6. If you notice something extremely annoying or wrong in the product, please contact me personally first. We work with the manufacturer to make a high quality product, however, this is our first batch and we're still not 100% sure of the manufacturing quality.
  7. You can post images/videos too. Obviously it will help us more.

Have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact me at:


Oh yeah, we love you. Hugs and kisses.