Our Story

Meerkat is a result of thousands of hours spent in the outdoors: camping, hiking and urban backpacking. Being out there, as well as meeting countless backpackers on the road, taught me a lot about the gear we backpackers want and need.  Every campsite, trail, hostel, couch or farm I have been in added some fine tuning to the designs of our gear. Our story is the story of people, connecting with nature, exploring the world and making friendships.

Meerkats are wild, playful, smart, curious and very, very social. This is the attitude we'd like to keep here, you're welcome to join us!


our gear

We design all products with the focus on weight and packability. If it's not light and does not pack small then it's not Meerkat. The design process involves intensive research on what other travelers and backpackers liked and what they didn't. This helps us cherry-pick the best materials, methods and features for our gear. Since we only sell online, we do not have heavy brick and mortar expenses and hence we're able to provide high quality gear for the masses, that also retails for much less than what you usually get from big brands.

We also accept inquiries for custom gear.