The New Sleeping Gear from Meerkat

Man Costa Rica is such a slow place.

Everything here goes by Tico Time. Which basically means you have to be patient in EVERYTHING. Internet included. That’s why updating the Meerkat blog and uploading new videos has been slow. 

I came to Costa Rica for personal reasons, just to find out that this place is magical for Meerkat too. Put the fact that electricity and water here are not available always as soon as you need them aside, this place has a special connection to natural elements that I haven’t seen elsewhere. The beaches are almost untouched, Sunsets are healing and there is rich wild life next door. 

If you’re ever considering Costa Rica as a destination, there are many hiking and camping options here. I am located in a small beach town called Samara, in the far western side of the country. This is exciting as it is my very first encounter with the Pacific Ocean. 

One interesting fact I learned about this place is that it one of five Blue Zones on Earth, this means that this place accommodates an elder population which is among the healthiest and happiest in the world! 

This does not surprise me when Sunsets look like this:


Or when the common view from people's living room looks like this:


But the main trophy this place has to offer is its inspiration. Something about the simplicity and tranquility of this place is very enabling. Inspiration is a vital resource when you’re working on the road. This brought me to think about the great opportunities Meerkat has allowed me to explore, and as I’m very grateful to experience the magical powers of inspiration from places such this one, I decided to make an announcement. So without further introductions, here it is for you to enjoy:


So hurry up and take advantage of this, as you get $50 off, And it’s only up for the next 4 days to come! 

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Enjoy the outdoors!