Ray's Story

So the holidays are over and now it’s time for all the ambitious New Year’s resolutions. At Meerkat, one message from an avid fan inspired us to come up with a unique New Years resolution.

A month ago we launched two new products and we told the world about it. As a result, one of Meerkat's fans sent me a personal message that inspired me.

The personal message was about her son, Ray. Here is what she wrote me:


Ray is 14 and an honor student in 9th grade. He loves camping and being outside and is a very good marksmen. He takes small hikes on the mountain near our house and loves to sleep outside but never had the suitable gear for it. He spends much of his time reading and Anne Frank is is favorite book. He is passionate about History, Politics, and is an avid runner.

Among the many things he does, he is on the high school cross country track team, serves as an ambassador for Warm Socks For Homeless Veterans, a member of The Sons of American Legion, a member of our local ABATE club bikers. He is always worried about the damages people and civilization do to Earth and loves animals and music so much. 

Someday, Ray hopes to find cures for diseases that aren’t curable now. That’s why he’s planning to go to college and major in Genetic Engineering.

This guy is always looking for something adventures to do, but has over come so much, Aspergers syndrome is one of them. 


This kid is such a great inspiration for his family and for me personally. Backpacking the world has given me the opportunity to meet such greatly inspiring people that makes me think about the many things I can do but never thought I could, and value the things I have that I never valued.

One sentence in this super Mom’s message caught my eye: “He never had the suitable gear…”. This inspired me to come up with one of Meerkat’s New Years resolutions: Every holiday season, Meerkat shall give away a gift for someone special. Not in return of anything, but merely to put a smile on someone’s face.

I have learned so much from Ray’s story (much of it is too personal and I won’t share it here), and I’m so glad to learn, over and over again, that the outdoors serves as a healing remedy for people from all walks of life. We all, I assume, can definitely relate to that.

A Week ago I got this video from Ray’s mother (The super Mom). I’m sure it will put a smile on your face:

We all know people who inspire us. Let Ray’s story be a tribute to them.

Whatever your New Year’s resolution is and whether you believe in them or not, we wish you a happy, healthy, abundant and inspiring 2018!

Enjoy the outdoors,


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