Sleeping Bag to last

Since before we started our Giveaway, I’ve been learning more about how to maintain and treat down products: Sleeping Bags in particular.

Choosing the right sleeping bag for you is not a straight forward mission to begin with, but the story doesn’t end when you actually find what you’re looking for.

Especially for Down Sleeping Bags, you want to make sure you keep it in the best shape possible for it to last you years, and potentially decades. 

Here is how:

  1. After every trip, make sure you air dry it - you can just leave it in a dry place outside for 24 hours.
  2. Once you come back home from your trip, take it out of the compression sack. 
  3. Keep your sleeping bag in its sack only when on the trail/campground.
  4. Always store your sleeping bag in its unfolded state - hanging it in a dry place is the best way to go.
  5. Wash it in a washer only when absolutely necessary, always gentle cycle, unzipped.
  6. If you choose to machine dry it, use the coolest temperature, toss in some tennis balls inside too.
  7. After a machine wash, it is recommended to treat the shell with water-resistance spray.

After reading a lot on the subject, I summarized the points above.

Here is a link to a good post on the subject from Backpacker Magazine.

That’s about it.

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