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Two days ago I told you about the new sleeping bag and camping pillow now available from Meerkat.


This got me thinking about the long process of design and manufacturing that got us to this point:


What is sleeping gear technology? 

Why did it take us 4 months to come up with a design for a seemingly simple gear?

Which gear is suitable FOR YOU?! 

There are dozens of different flavors, functionalities and features of outdoor gear, how do you choose a combination that fits your needs, habits and budget?

The price range for sleeping gear is huge. What is the difference between the different players in the market?

I decided to put some ducks in a row for you. So I created this guide on How To Choose Your Sleeping Gear.

Get it here, it’s yours Free of charge. You can thank me later.


Enjoy the outdoors, 



PS: Your pre-launch price of $90 is still on and will change tomorrow to $139. Hurry up and get your 35% off before it’s gone. This means you save $40 for Meerkat’s newest release, only this weekend! Have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact me. Reply back to this email.

Here is link again:

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