Official Winner + Your Special Gift

It’s been a crazy couple of days for me, I spent over 24 hours traveling from Israel to Atlanta, GA in three different flights! Along the long trip, I kept crossing my fingers hoping that the winner of the giveaway will respond to my emails so I can finally officially announce him!

He did 😃

As soon as I got to Atlanta I called him all excited, It turned out to be a lovely conversation with what sounds like a lovey man.

William is a young soul, he’s 74 with long years of camping experience. He knows his way around survival gear and has been doing tent camping for the most part. Now that he won one of the leading camping hammocks in the market, he is excited to try it out. Good for you Sir, a Hennessy Hammock is on its way to you!

What’s more, Hennessy Hammock are apparently having holiday offers nowadays, so William will be getting 3 EXTRA items with his prize! This was totally unplanned, I guess this is a lucky day for the Meerkats :) 

3 Extra (unplanned) items included in the prize.

This season is all about giving with love. So I’m very grateful and glad that Meerkat can do such a giveaway.

Speaking of giving with love, have I mentioned that you’re getting a gift too?

Now that the prize was finally claimed, I can finally reveal Meerkat’s gift to everyone who participated in the giveaway, YOU INCLUDED 😃

Here is the deal:

Meerkat is launching 3 new products next week. One of them in particular is something I’m particularly proud of. A set of high quality down sleeping bag with a self-inflating camping pillow.

Trust me, you have not seen a lighter sleeping bag or a more comfortable pillow, let alone that they both pack really, really small!

The launching price will be $139. 

Until then, as a THANK YOU, you get a 35% OFF effective immediately

You see, right now we are waiting for the product photos to come out, and we expect them to be ready this weekend! Once they do, we will be ready to launch and the price will be $139, so this offer will be available only until this Saturday at midnight! and only to those who signed up for the giveaway!

Paying $80 instead of $139 will get you:

  1. One down sleeping bag, 32F comfort degrees, 700+ fill power, great for 3-season camping. (Worth $119 alone)
  2. One 4-ways compression sack for even smaller packing. 
  3. One self-inflating pillow, extremely comfortable so you can feel at home also in the wild (Worth $30 alone).
  4. One matching washable pillow case, so you can focus on your dreams and let the washer do the dirty work.
  5. You save $59 (40%) in a special pre-launch discount and get all of the above!


How to claim this benefit:

  1. Here is the link to the product on Amazon:

  1. Review what's included in this product (Note that this product has not launched to the public yet, and hence the temporary lab photos).

  2. Add it to cart and get it in two days or less with free shipping (for Amazon Prime users).

Again, this offer is only announced here, and will be gone by Saturday midnight (or earlier if we run out of stock)! So don’t miss out on this one. Get one for yourself, one for the kids and one for your mother in law, and tell your neighbor to do the same 😃

So… The giving season is officially here, and I think we’re off to a good start!

Congratulations to everyone, and I wish you happy holidays, indoors and outdoors!



PS: Do you want this product but your budget is too tight? I understand.

Don’t let money stand in your way. I’m a backpacker myself and I live off tight budget too often myself.

So, If money is the only thing that makes you hesitate, contact me and we’ll sure manage to make you happy.

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