Amazon's Choice... for a good reason!

It’s the last weekend before Christmas. 

And we’re like 5 minutes away from the new year.

I cannot believe this year has passed so fast,

A lot has been happening in Meerkat, 

as well as in my personal life this year.


I always take this time of the year to look at the passing year

And search for inspiration for the years to come…


Today, I’ve looked at Meerkat’s very first product on Amazon

And I saw this:


This product launched last February,

And it’s already running in its 2nd generation version.


The “Amazon’s Choice” badge catches my eye

Every time I see it,

And it fills my heart with one feeling more than any other:




Thank YOU for supporting Meerkat.


That’s it for today, 

Enjoy your weekend with the fam.



PS: This product and others are available for you to pick up before Christmas. Still has this one present to give to a loved one? Do they like camping, traveling or just being in the outdoors?

Buy it today and get it before Christmas Eve!

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