Announcing the giveaway winner

Yup… This is it.

The giveaway has ended last night.

Now it’s time to announce the winner.

The Winner Of Meerkat's Fall Giveaway Is…

Patricia P.

Email: tris*****

Country: USA

Not Patricia? Hold on…

I promised you a good treat, and you’ll get it.

In order for me to complete the announcement of the winner though, my policy demands talking with the winner first. 

There are no further conditions to win the prize. However, I do want to catch up with Patricia to make sure the prize is going to a real person.

Should Patricia not respond in 24 hours, the prize automatically goes to someone else. Once I get a hold on a winner, I will officially announce their details as well as the other prizes everyone else (You Included) get.

Are you Patricia??? Contact me (I'm sending you a personal email) and this prize is yours to enjoy the outdoors:

A Hennessy Hammock Jungle Expedition Asym Zip Shelter System.

The prize is worth $220!
(See details and specification on HH website here)

I’ll keep everyone posted on how it goes.

Have a good weekend!


PS: Now that we're approaching the final stage of the giveaway, I'm supper excited to present what the next few weeks hold for you (and me). Not gonna spoil it for you, but December is going to be a month full of new positive energies in Meerkat. Stay tuned!

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