Giveaway Ends TOMORROW

The Hennessy Hammock giveaway has been running for a full month now. 

Tomorrow at midnight we will stop accepting new entries.

Trust me, you want to be part of this.


Hammock camping is not cheap if you want to do it right. So why NOT utilize a chance to get the single best hammock camping system in the market, for FREE?!

How come we’re giving away a $220 gear for free you ask?

Well, there is no catch here really. The giveaway is just an old school marketing method for Meerkat to get exposed. The more people who sign up for the giveaway, the better exposure we get as a brand. That’s one of the oldest tricks in the book.

You, on the other hand, get the chance to add a nice piece of gear to your collection that will serve you for years to come. No strings attached.

If you have already signed up for the giveaway, great! Now is your last chance to share this with more people and get extra entries.

—> You share it 

—> Some of your friends will sign up through you 

—> We get bigger exposure 

—> You get more entries 

—> You increase your chances of winning.

It’s that simple. Really.

The day after tomorrow is the day where I’ll browse the participants list, and ask the system to choose a winner.

I will personally contact the winner through email. After having a short call with the winner in which I make sure the prize is going to a real person, I’ll go to Hennessy Hammock’s website, purchase the $220 Jungle Expedition Asym Zip system, and send it to the winner’s address.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 4.35.03 PM.png

Will that winner be you? It’s up to YOU.

Go ahead and share the giveaway link. You can find it here.

Wait… There is more. Those who don’t win will get a special Thank You gift. Yes, you’re in for a good treat already whether you win or not, so STAY TUNED.

Enjoy the outdoors,


PS: A LOT is going on in Meerkat these days. New products, new generations of existing ones, and new variations are gonna be available this weekend.

What’s in it for you? Have I mentioned that you’re in for a good treat already? 

So… your treat is 48 hours away. Stay tuned!

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