Next Giveaway...

I cannot believe it’s been more than two months since the first Meerkat Giveaway.

One lucky winner, Mr. Jake Garcia from Salona Beach CA, has won an awesome package from REI and SeaToSummit:

A down sleeping bag and a camping pillow.

That prize was worth $181.

When I first talked with Jake on the phone, It became clear that giveaways are the right path to take for my brand, Meerkat. I could hear the excitement in his voice, and he told me that his son is an outdoor enthusiast who's just starting collage and he was thinking to buy him a new piece of gear to take with him anyway.

As an outdoor gear specialist, I always look for ways to create true lasting connections with the outdoor community all over the world.

Now I realize that creating awesome giveaways can do just that.

People love free stuff, but most importantly, we all love a high quality gift, one that is widely wished for. One that is associated with top notch technology, highly thought of and well designed.

You already see where I’m going with this.

I decided to make another giveaway. Real soon…

This time with one difference: You get to decide what prize you want to win!

I have been looking into a niche that has become very trendy lately: Hammock Camping.

Soon after I started researching, I was blown away by how developed this field is.

Lightweight camping in a hammock is a driving engine for all kinds of innovations. I want my audience, YOU, to be part of it.

Do you care to win a complete set of a Hammock Shelter System? One that is considered a leading standard in the industry?

Here are the options I thought of, comment on this post with your favorite choice:

Option 1:

SUBLINK™ SHELTER SYSTEM by ENO (Eagle Nest Outfitters)

Details on ENO website.


Option 2:

Jungle Expedition Asym Zip by Hennessy Hammocks

Details on HH website.




Option 3:

Other systems that you know of and wish to have.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 11.41.35 AM.png


What do YOU prefer? 

Let me know now in the comments section. Option 1, Option 2 or whatever else you wish for.

Giveaway is expected to launch in the second half of October. You will, of course, get the early bird notification before everyone else does.

In the meanwhile, 

Enjoy the outdoors!