Giveaway Alert

Last week I announced the October giveaway coming soon, and I asked you to vote for the prize you want.

I got, literally, hundreds or replies. Just going through them all took me a while… but I learned so much from this process.

Between the ENO and the Hennessy Hammock systems, many replies were so informative. Even after an extensive research on both options, I could still learn about Pros and Cons of each one from people like you.

Some people were also recommending other options to be considered, and I looked into all of those too.

The survey results are out now, and the winner is…

The ridiculously awesome Jungle Expedition Asym Zip shelter system by Hennessy Hammock!

15-07-01_Hennessy Kayaking Lifestyle Images_0357.jpg

Now that you know what to look forward to, here is the second announcement for today:

The giveaway is starting End of this month and will accept applications until November 30th.

The news about the giveaway will run in social media, google and where not.

BUT… I promised that you will get the early bird notification, remember?

Starting this moment, you have the exclusive early right to enroll in this giveaway.

Sign Up Here.

Why is this important?

Because the more time you have until the deadline, the more times you can share this giveaway with your friends.

Each person who signs up through your unique personal link will gain YOU points that increase YOUR chances of winning.

Do you get the idea?

You help Meerkat reach more people, and you will automatically earn higher chance of winning the complete hammock system. 

It’s a no brainer - Sign up now yourself, and share it with everyone. Get more people to sign up, and you’ll have the best chances of winning.

I remind you, this prize is worth $220! And you don’t see this kind of high quality giveaway prizes every day. So don’t let this opportunity slip away and sign up now. And share!

Oh and … I T ‘ S   F R E E !!!

Yes, Meerkat is not the first brand to run a giveaway… BUT to give away a state of the art $220 camping gear of the highest quality in the market? - I don’t see that every day.

Let me know if you have any questions. You can reply to this email and I’ll personally get back to you.

Good luck, and enjoy the outdoors!